Foodie desserts
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Foodie desserts

Irish Potato Candy Recipe We've replaced the mashed potato in this old fashioned candy with Almond Paste for a fantastic flavor. YIELD 22 (one tablespoon size) pieces TIME Total time: 20 minutes or less INGREDIENTS 1-7 oz box Odense Almond Paste or Marzipan, grated 2 cups confectioners sugar 1-3 oz package cream cheese, room temperature 1 tablespoon cocoa powder DIRECTIONS 1. Beat Almond Paste or Marzipan, sugar and cream cheese with a mixer until smooth. Add more sugar if necessary to make dough moldable. 2. Scoop dough by the tablespoon, and form into potato shapes. 3. Add cocoa to a small bowl. Drop potato candies in one at a time, and cover with cocoa. Shake off excess between hands. 4. Place on candy dish and serve. Candies will stay fresh in an air tight container, or covered with plastic wrap for 2 weeks. TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Electric mixer

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