Summer Traditions
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Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions:
Garage & Yard Sale-
Stage the Show: We ran out of tables to put small items on, so I got a little creative and pulled out a large tarp and some clean, blank cardboard to make a display on the ground. Guess what? Nothing on the ground sold. NOTHING. The lesson? Get everything up off the ground and onto tables, shelves, and clothing racks. Even if you have to fake a clothing rack with a sawhorse, do it. People browsed the…ahem…WELL-LOVED snowboarding jackets my husband put on a clothing rack far more than the adorable, barely worn baby clothes I had on the cardboard/tarp on the ground. It makes literally no sense – baby clothes are usually a hot ticket item at yard sales. And being a picky perfectionist, these were barely worn, excellent condition, name brand clothes. Next time, that stuff gets a prime spot on a table and we’ll see how it goes. 

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