Summer Traditions
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Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions:
Garage & Yard Sale-
What to sell at a yard sale
This is the most obvious step but it might also be the most difficult one. Before you get too excited by the prospect of hosting a yard sale, figure out what you’re going to sell first.
Go through the belongings you have stored in your closets, basement, or garage, and sort everything into piles like “keep,” “sell,” and “donate.”
Also, take a look around your home to see if there’s a chair you’ve been avoiding sitting on because you dislike it. Or if there’s a painting you’re sick of looking at.
When going through your items, you’ll be looking through old stuff that probably hold memories for you. It’s bound to get emotional. That’s okay!
Pro Tip: Use our handy guide on what to do with sentimental items.
But really, don’t hold back. If you come across things you haven’t used in over a year, it’s time to let it go. And with the cash you’ll make from the yard sale, you’ll be able to buy things that you *will* want to use.

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