Summer Traditions
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Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions:
Garage & Yard Sale-
What to do on the day of your yard sale
We said it once before, and we’ll say it again: Get up early, even if you’ve done your prep work the night before.
Ready your team. Go over the game plan once more if you’re working in shifts.
Set up your tables and other displays in a way that’s easy to navigate and visually appealing. Your curbside appeal is a major ticket into getting traffic to your sale.
Keep an eye on your merchandise. If you have valuables out, make sure someone is watching them at all times. Also, make sure your items are displayed safely. There’s nothing worse than propping a vintage mirror up against a wobbly table and having to clean up shards of broken glass if a gust of wind knocks it down.
Have some bags on hand. This step is easy to forget, but your shoppers will appreciate it. It’s also an awesome way to get rid of those plastic bags you have in your kitchen cabinets.
Another good idea is to keep some newspaper around if you’re selling breakable stuff. Keep some under a rock near your bags and cash so that you can quickly wrap items after a purchase.
Don’t get overzealous and put out *too* much stuff. It can overwhelm guests if they see rows and rows of clothes to look through. Be discerning: Put out the things you’re more confident will sell. Donate the rest.
Check through everything once more beforehand. Make sure there aren’t any old family photos used as bookmarks in books, or wads of cash stuffed in old jacket pockets.
Last but not least: Maintain your cool. While it can be stressful dealing with strangers all day haggling over prices, niceness will ensure you can have many more yard sales in the future.

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