Summer Traditions
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Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions:
Garage & Yard Sale-
Extra points for creativity
This is where the fun comes in. If you’re design-savvy, show off your skills by making your displays beautifully cohesive. Organize by color, add decorations, or pretend like this is a vintage store you own.
Offer drinks. You don’t have to go too crazy. Some iced-down soda from Costco will be a godsend at a yard sale on a hot day.
If you have kids and aren’t able to get a sitter, give them the task of running a lemonade stand. Who knows, you might make some extra cash there, too.
Set out some mystery grab bags. Organize things by category, like children’s toys, rom-com DVDs, paints, and silverware. Then put them all in their own brown paper bags, staple them shut, label them, and sell them for a flat $5 or $10.
If you’ve got Square, use it. Although Square takes a percentage of every transaction, you’ll sell more items than if you’re only accepting cash. You can even advertise “credit and debit cards accepted” on your signs.
Put on music. Make it a party. You’ll want the music to be inoffensive and easy for people of all ages to listen to. (That means no heavy metal or dubstep.)

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