Summer Traditions
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Summer Traditions

Summer Traditions:
Garage & Yard Sale-
Free Water
Everybody LOVES free things. It is quite surprising how quickly people will warm up to you if you offer them anything for free. Last year my husband and I decided to sell water for $0.50 a bottle. This year we decided to make the water FREE with purchase. I, of course, pretty much ended up offering everyone a water. Although, only about 10% of people actually took a free water, everyone seemed impressed that I offered it to them.
In fact, many people that I offered a free water to ended up walking through the garage sale again to see if there was anything else they wanted. My simple generosity motivated people to spend more.
I ended up giving away just over 50 bottles of water (which of course I bought on sale). With the price of the water, and the ice to keep the water cold, I spent less than $10. I know that offering free water definitely made the customers happy! Happy customers spend more!

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